Friday, 12 July 2013

Camping trip

Assalamualaikum guys. Annyeong! Watcha doin????? Gaahhh, it’s really jeongmal a long time since my last update, isn’t it? Wow. I really tought that this blog will disappear from this world. HAHAHAHAHH. Well, you know aren’t you that I’m the veeeeeeeeeeeeerryyy busy person-slash-student. Busy with assignment(cett) and plus the homework that never ever ever get end lol. And actually I don’t know why I make a new entry today. After a long time… sigh. Seems like something dropped and hit my head lol.
   Hohoho, so… Didn’t I told you alr that I’d joined a camping trip last weekend. Oh NOOOOOOOO?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You didn’t know??? Okay, I’ll tell you abt it now. Last weekend, my friend and I joined a camping trip at the beautiful place that surround by beach. Erm ermm, *awkwardddddddddd* (silenceeeeeeeeee) OMO, feel like wanna do some essay HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH.
Okay, fine. The place is soooooooo nice, I tell you. Plus the beach and the mountain. But, I hate being there b’coz there have no line. Cet. Even a single bar don’t have. I was like whatdaaaaaaaa…… But, seriously the camping trip was fun. We climbed a mountain, strolling at the beach (but no showering. Ehh?) hahahahh. And I met my old friend there~~~ wohooo. Hekhek. Ermmm, I think only that’s left on my brain that I can share to you all. B’coz it’s alr freakin’ a week after the camp. Hohoho. Okay, stop for now. Have a veeryyy good nice day yeorobun! Kajaaa! Annyeong~ :)
p/s: Happy fasting~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^_^