Monday, 14 October 2013

Short Entry

Assalamualaikum and good evening. Hello yeorobun!!! Long time no see... right? I miss you guyzzzzzz CINCHA BOGOSHIPEOYO ㅋㅋㅋHow's your condition today??? Feeling well? Me? I'm okay... Just a little bit stomachache hummm :( but IT'S OKAY. I'M OKAY. As long as hubby always beside me I'm fine loL what a drama hehehhheehhheeheee :p
    Ermmm, so what I wanna share to you actually hmmm seems like I alr forgot LoL. Ermmm, oh! I FREAKIN MAD IN LOVE WITH EXO NOWADAYS. Dunno waeeeeeeeeeee. Seems like they casted a spell on me. I seriously cant get enough of them. Everyday I watch videos abt them LoL EVERYDAY OK. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa, OTTOKAE???!!! aND Kris spell also didnt help me at all. LoL. Wufan, saranghamnida wo ai ni I love you YOU LOVE ME? ㅠㅠ
     LoL, I'm gonna go micheo. Neh, LoL actually I blabbering nothings important here just to make my blog always alive lol. ALIVE? What a suit word lmao. Stop here. LoL, iloveyou all yeorobun be health keep smiling ILOVEYOU IMEANIT :) Kalgae, annyeong

ps:: Happy EidulAdha to all muslims all over the world

Friday, 12 July 2013

Camping trip

Assalamualaikum guys. Annyeong! Watcha doin????? Gaahhh, it’s really jeongmal a long time since my last update, isn’t it? Wow. I really tought that this blog will disappear from this world. HAHAHAHAHH. Well, you know aren’t you that I’m the veeeeeeeeeeeeerryyy busy person-slash-student. Busy with assignment(cett) and plus the homework that never ever ever get end lol. And actually I don’t know why I make a new entry today. After a long time… sigh. Seems like something dropped and hit my head lol.
   Hohoho, so… Didn’t I told you alr that I’d joined a camping trip last weekend. Oh NOOOOOOOO?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You didn’t know??? Okay, I’ll tell you abt it now. Last weekend, my friend and I joined a camping trip at the beautiful place that surround by beach. Erm ermm, *awkwardddddddddd* (silenceeeeeeeeee) OMO, feel like wanna do some essay HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH.
Okay, fine. The place is soooooooo nice, I tell you. Plus the beach and the mountain. But, I hate being there b’coz there have no line. Cet. Even a single bar don’t have. I was like whatdaaaaaaaa…… But, seriously the camping trip was fun. We climbed a mountain, strolling at the beach (but no showering. Ehh?) hahahahh. And I met my old friend there~~~ wohooo. Hekhek. Ermmm, I think only that’s left on my brain that I can share to you all. B’coz it’s alr freakin’ a week after the camp. Hohoho. Okay, stop for now. Have a veeryyy good nice day yeorobun! Kajaaa! Annyeong~ :)
p/s: Happy fasting~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^_^

Sunday, 27 January 2013

2013's First Entry

Annyeong chingu-aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! How are you today? Me? I'M FINE THANK YOU AND YOU? Kkkkkk In case you didn't notice actually today is #AliveTouTheFINALday3 which means the last ALIVE TOUR CONCERT in Seoul. And VIPs (INCLUDING ME) trending pic 'I'M FINE THANKYOU AND YOU' and make it as our Twitter's DP. Sooooo............ Wanna join? Kkkkkkk
 Ehhermmm. You know what? This is the first entry in 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOOYAH!! I CANT BELIEVE I CAN FINALLY UPDATE MY BLOG AND .... You can see that new template for my blog. And guess what??? It's full with PANDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! /sigh I become more and more addicted to panda. Blame maknae/Seungri kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
 First of all, I wanna say Salam Maulidurrasul to all muslims :) Improve our amal and change our goal to more positive and Shalawat more ;) because Allah and our prophet love it sooooooooooooo much!
 Urmmmmmm... You know what? Yesterday is #AliveTourTheFINALday2. Guess what? My internet didn't betrayed me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For the first time I can hear live streaming with not slow internet and lagged live stream. BOOYAH!! I FEEL REALLY HAPPY even until now. Kkkkkkk xD
 Today is the last Alive Tour concert. I feel sad b'coz I can't attend it coz it's in Seoul. Lucky KVIPs :((((((( But, it's okay. I still can hear it. I hope my internet didn't betrayed me today. You know right that I love being a VIP. And I just LOVE it. Have many VIP chingus from many country... Hmm... Jeongmal, cincha daebak. I JUST GOT THIS FEELING LoL. And I'm proud of my oppas~~~ Lol
 KBye! Kkkkkkk

Yellow sea, isn't it?
(cr pic)