Wednesday, 7 November 2012

I'm still ALIVE~

Assalamualaikum. Annyeong chingu! It’s had been a long time since I’m update, right? As you can see,  the last entry that I updated is a month ago :’( It’s  sooo sad because I can’t always updated  although the school holidays has start. It’s because my sister didn’t brought a modem when she came home 2weeks ago. Hmm…
Today, I’m update a new entry. Just because I didn’t want to missed the opportunity. Ohh God… Why I’m saying non-sense? -.- HAHAHA. Bytheway, chingu. How are you? Are you feeling  fine? Are you okay? Hewhew. You know what? I missed you dear readers already… Hikhikhik.
Hurmmm… Are you notice something? Like my new blog figure? HOHO XD I’m using new blogskin. Again. As you can see, it’s purple! Yaw! :D And, I put some Korean words and kpop too ^^ HIHI. I’m VIP you knowww…
Bytheway, were you went to Big Bang Alive Tour in Malaysia last last week? *dedicate to Malaysian VIPs* You know what, it was pretty awesome. Sadly, I can’t joined other Malaysian VIPs there. Coz, you know… The ticket is quite expensive! Lol --‘ And the concert was held at night. And the distance from my place is quite far. Arggggh! I HATE THIS! Luckily, the fancam from Malaysian VIPs is sooo clear! I can see maknae Seungri panda eyes! HAHAHAHAHAH :D Thanks to Malaysian VIPs! ILOVEYOU :* Hikhikhik.
Anyway, have you vote Big Bang for MAMA awards 2012? Not yet? Then, please go vote now! Ppali! Click HERE to vote :) Kamsahamnida~~!! ;D

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