Saturday, 29 September 2012

Wish me luck, will you? :/

 Assalamualaikum. Annyeong yeorobun! Mrs. OkCat in the houseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!~~ kekeke >< how are you? I hope you,re always in the pink :) hummmm. Bdw, PMR is just around the corner. Urmmm, I think is not around the corner. It is AT the corner. hehehhehehehee. As always, I'm very scared of PMR. Why? Because it is always in my mind. IDK. lol. Urmmm, it just only 10 days left. And I didn't feel anything. Weird right? HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAH. You know what? Just Allah know my feeling right now. I'm scared to death for the sake! Ahha, BROKEN ENGWISHHHHH :p lololol It was been a long time I didn't make a new entry, right babe? Here, I make a new entry because I want to know that I'm a PMR Candidate! *puppy eyes* *wink wink* It is funny? I don't think so..................... :p Here, I want you to pray for me for the exam. I hope you with your kind-hearted wish me sooooooooo much luck. A very BIG luck, will you? *I'm begging youuuuuuuuuu' T-T hehehehee. shame me. Hummm, I think it's the last time I update my musshy musshy blog. I will update a new entry after PMR end! Seriously, please wish me luck! Kay, I fullstop here. See you soon. Muahh! :* Nado saranghae~ 'Awe chae chalaga, chae chae chae chalaga! Ehh, bam ratatata tatata, eh bam ratatata tatata! Oh my God' ;D

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